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    如果服务器是自己的,并且机器就在身边,那什么都不用说了,缺少gcc顶多就是重新放入安装盘,把开发工具包安装上。但是如果是租的服务器,托管服务 方那帮人又搞不懂你说的啥子gcc,要安装gcc实在是太麻烦了。你得去找gcc相关的包,版本号还得必须对应上,否则不兼容。最近给一个朋友装gcc, 着实头疼了一把。后来发现yum这个好东西,只需要执行一个命令,所有的烦恼都解除了。 朋友的系统是Cent OS 5 的,托管商没给安装gcc,于是使用如下两个命令就可把gcc,gcc-c 统统安装上: [[email protected] ~]# yum -y install gcc Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, rhnplugin, security Repository base is listed more than once in the configuration Repository updates is listed more than once in the configuration Repository extras is listed more than once in the configuration Repository centosplus is listed more than once in the configuration Repository contrib is listed more than once in the configuration This system is not registered with RHN. Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile Setting up Install Process Resolving Dependencies-- Finished Dependency Resolution Dependencies Resolved================================================================================ Package Arch Version Repository Size================================================================================Installing: gcc i386 4.1.2-51.el5 base 5.2 MInstalling for dependencies: glibc-devel i386 2.5-65 base 2.0 M glibc-headers i386 2.5-65 base 604 k kernel-headers i386 2.6.18-274.3.1.el5 updates 1.2 MTransaction Summary================================================================================Install 4 Package(s)Upgrade 0 Package(s)Total download size: 9.1 MDownloading Packages:(1/4): glibc-headers-2.5-65.i386| 604 k B (2/4): kernel-headers-2.6.18-274.3.1.el5.i386| 1.2 MB (3/4): glibc-devel-2.5-65.i386| 2.0 MB (4/4): gcc-4.1.2-51.el5.i386| 5.2 MB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Total 149 k B/s | 9.1 MB Running rpm_check_debug Running Transaction Test Finished Transaction Test Transaction Test Succeeded Running Transaction Installing : kernel-headers 1/4 Installing : glibc-headers 2/4 Installing : glibc-devel 3/4 Installing : gcc 4/4 Installed: gcc.i386 0:4.1.2-51.el5 Dependency Installed: glibc-devel.i386 0:2.5-65 glibc-headers.i386 0:2.5-65 kernel-headers.i386 0:2.6.18-274.3.1.el5 Complete!

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      Desmond Clark (1979:7) observed that without radiocarbon dating "we would still be foundering in a sea of imprecisions sometime bred of inspired guesswork but more often of imaginative speculation." And as Colin Renfrew (1973) aptly noted over 30 years ago, the "Radiocarbon Revolution" transformed how archaeologists could interpret the past and track cultural changes through a period in human history where we see among other things the massive migration of peoples settling virtually every major region of the world, the transition from hunting and gathering to more intensive forms of food production, and the rise of city-states.

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